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Englisch für den Beruf

Business English B2 (new start from unit 1) Onlinekurs
Di. 27.09.2022 18:00
Online-Seminar, Zoom-Meeting 09 neu

Join us and look forward to further developing your knowledge and skills in the English language for the business world. This includes reception, production, interaction and mediation. In an online group we are working towards achieving level B2. A continuation of the course will be offered in a follow-up block. Der Kurs findet per Zoom statt, vor Kursbeginn erhalten Sie eine E-Mail mit Ihren Zugangsdaten. Bei der Anmeldung bitte daher eine E-Mailadresse angeben. Sie benötigen das Lehrwerk "Basis for Business B2 - New Edition" (Cornelsen 978-3-06-122156-0).

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Gebühr: 130,00
Business English B1
Mo. 10.10.2022 18:00

Your job requires communicating in English but you don't feel confident. We are going to practise telephoning, e-mails, presentations, vocabulary, etc. to improve your skills in everyday working situations. Bitte mitbringen: Lehrbuch "Basis for Business B1 - New edition" (Cornelsen 978-3-06-121850-8).

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Gebühr: 93,00