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C 1: Aufbaustufe 1

Englisch C1: Advanced English Practice
Mo. 19.09.2022 09:30

Sometimes provocative, sometimes prudent, but never boring. If this is the kind of course you are looking for, then you will feel at home in this group. We shall be discussing news and events of the week, reading interesting articles and short stories and talking about personalities, past and present. Zzgl. 2 € für Kopien.

Kursnummer 41597F
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Gebühr: 93,00
Englisch B2/C1 - Conversation After Work / After Uni Onlinekurs
Di. 20.09.2022 16:45
Online-Seminar, Zoom-Meeting 07 neu

Do you have good skills in English grammar and vocabulary but little time to use them? Would you like to speak English with others from the comfort of your own home or office? If so, then our convenient, online course is perfect for you after work or a day in classes. We meet on Zoom and discuss different topics – current events, everyday activities, literary texts – in a casual environment. With the help of breakout rooms, you can work with other students in small groups or with a partner while the teacher, a native speaker of English, listens in and gives tips on saying things correctly. We also work on vocabulary building and listening comprehension. Homework is optional. Inkl. 3 € für die Bereitstellung von Unterrichtsmaterial in der Für die Teilnahme benötigen Sie einen PC/Laptop oder ein Tablet mit Internetverbindung, Mikrofon und Lautsprecher (oder ein Headset) und Kamera. Einen Werktag vor Kursbeginn erhalten Sie Ihre Zugangsdaten per E-Mail.

Kursnummer 48142F-on
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Gebühr: 132,00
Dozent*in: Maria Lehmann
C1: Certificate in Advanced English Jahreskurs
Mo. 10.10.2022 18:00

This course is designed to help you prepare for the Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English examination (CAE). It will greatly improve your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills, as well as your use of English by means of a wide range of activities. The CAE is used for study, work and immigration purposes. It is designed to demonstrate that a candidate has achieved a high level of English ability which can be used in academic and professional context. Participants require a pass grade (A,B,C) in First Certificate or a similar level of English. You should be prepared to spend time outside the class on reading and written work. Bitte mitbringen: Lehrbuch: "Ready for Advanced 3rd Edition" (Hueber 978-3-19-362927-2). Für diesen Kurs wird eine Einstufungsberatung vor Kursbeginn empfohlen. Bitte wenden Sie sich dazu an Frau Adam ( Die CAE-Prüfung ist optional und findet im Juli 2023 statt. Die Teilnahme erfordert eine separate Anmeldung.

Kursnummer 41903F
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Gebühr: 386,00